"You Can Do All Things Through Christ" Philippians 4:13


Dr. Anita Smith isn't your average American woman. She is what most consider a woman of great admiration and ambition. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Certified Financial Coach, Dr. Anita also happens to be a profound woman of business! As the founder and CEO of Prosperity Global Financial Group...

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The Victorious Collection

Everday products that remind you to have faith, and be victorious.


Dr. Anita Smith's book is a powerful tool for any individual to read in discovering the power of purpose that God has for their life. Dr. Smith uses the struggles and encounters in her journey that reflect the personal purpose and plan in her life, to show how the Lord uses her trials to bring God glory. This book is a must read! I promise that you will feel inspired after reading Dr. Smith's wonderful book.  

~Minister Rod Stanley
President, REACH, Inc.

Dr. Smith practices what she preaches!  Dr. Smith's latest book, "You Can Make It: How to Start Living Your Victorious Life," is motivational and inspirational, as well as educational.  In this book, Dr. Smith helps us to understand how God uses life's disappointments to teach us how to build faith and confidence in Him.  In down-to-earth language and lessons--predicated by personal "experiences, lessons and principles"--Dr. Smith encourages us not to give up, or give in, when we are “at our lowest points” in life. In Chapter 4, you'll find your faith, embrace your faith, and KEEP THE FAITH as you "start living your victorious life!"

~T.M. Spencer
Best Selling Author
Current books: "Apache For Life" and "Returning to the Magic"

Inspiring and Life Changing....... Dr. Smith's book was uplifting and insightful!  After reading her book I was inspired and had a renewed faith. Dr. Smith, you have no idea how many lives you will impact just by sharing your story of great faith and tenacity! 


As a transformation and personal development coach, I speak with so many people who are stuck, due to past hurts and failures, which are holding them back. I will refer to your book as a living testament that no matter what we face, we can overcome anything with God. 

~Kimberly L Fallis,
Level Up Coach

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