"You Can Do All Things Through Christ" Philippians 4:13

The Award Winning Author

Dr. Anita Smith isn't your average American woman. She is what most consider a woman of great admiration and ambition. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Certified Financial Coach, Dr. Anita also happens to be a profound woman of business! As the founder and CEO of Prosperity Global Financial Group, she has devoted her time and efforts to helping clients reach financial goals, plan a sustainable budget, and teach them how to save and invest.

Through her coachings, she has provided a guide to financial literacy for young adults and older. Through various businesses and faith-based organizations, she has thrived in using numerous teaching techniques that encourage her students to enhance their financial understanding and advance their academic performance.

All in all, Dr. Anita is a woman of many great talents! Through her organization, business, and her new books she empowers you to be confident in all you do financially. Life may throw lemons at you, but Dr. Anita will teach you how to make the lemonade that will secure your financial freedom.




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